dollar $cience




01 * dollar $cience



you've got a degree in dollar science 

you calculate and you analyse 

you've become the go-to-guy

when flow gets slow and wells run dry

interest rates consume your mind 

while you've totally lost interest in mine

you plot your graphs and chart your pies 

no shared laughs and no shared sighs

it's all about the green

nothing can come between

you and your precious screen 

so scared of what i'm seeing

i recall the days when

you had time for your friends 

and different things excited you 

cos you had a wide-angle view

that was another life

the one you cut out with the knife

the knife you sharpened on the stone

the stone that's destroying this home

you only want to spread your sheet 

you don't care life's become counterfeit

(oh yes)


onrum onrum irandu * one and one make two

poovil irupathu vandu * the bee that visits the flower

irandum irandum nalu *
 two and two make four

inipai irrukum thengai
moonrum * 
in the tree is the coconut

moonrum aaru
velai * three and three make six
sheythai shoru * 
you eat only when you work

nangam nangam ettu
 * four and four make eight

nanra patuval pattu * my darling sings like silk

einthum einthum pathu
five and five make ten
anbe namathu sotthu * 
love is our treasure

you only want to spread your sheet

you don't care life's become counterfeit

(oh yes)



from The dance of the diaspora, released September 5, 2014
Jayashree * Voice, Stories
Amyt * Guitar, Synth
Gyan * Bass
Jiver * Drums, Design



all rights reserved


PINKNOISE Kolkata, India

PINKNOISE, formed in 2006, is the mischievous late night alter-ego to indie pioneers Skinny Alley.

Their debut studio full length, The Dance Of The Diaspora, was released in 2014 after a tumultuous two years during which time the band lost its bassist Gyan Singh to illness.

He is survived by Jayashree Singh (voice, stories), Amyt Datta (guitar, synthesizers) and Jivraj Singh (drums, design).
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