mistress of the coiffeur




03 * mistress of the coiffeur



all the people in the family were lawyers or scientists
all she wants to do is cut hair
they say that there’s no way they’re gonna let her do what she wants to do
she doesn’t care

every day to school she'd take her scissors with her
to practice on her friends she’d hum a tune while she worked
sometimes her hand would slip and cut a crooked line
but her friends never seemed to really mind

it makes her father really mad that she wont go to university
to get a prestigious degree
and her mother’s very sad that she cant talk to her neighbours
about her daughter’s double phd

and ever since she was twelve she’s had this notion
curl and clip and fringe and flip and perfumed lotion
“shena scissorhands” inscribed upon the marquee
of her own salon there’d be valet parking

vathu vathu vathu * duck, duck, little duck
enge pore vathu * where you going, little duck?
meley keezhey keezhey meley * upstairs and downstairs
doraisami ulle * to my lady's chamber
ange oru kazhavan * there i met an old man
jabam chola matan * who wouldn't say his prayers
edathai kalai thuki * i kicked him with my left leg
vittu erinjan keezhai * and he fell down the stairs

all the people in the family were lawyers or scientists
all she wants to do is cut hair

a cut above the rest is what she has to offer
as the undisputed mistress of the coiffeur



from The dance of the diaspora, released September 5, 2014
Jayashree * Voice, Stories
Amyt * Guitar, Synth
Gyan * Bass
Jiver * Drums, Design



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PINKNOISE Kolkata, India

PINKNOISE, formed in 2006, is the mischievous late night alter-ego to indie pioneers Skinny Alley.

Their debut studio full length, The Dance Of The Diaspora, was released in 2014 after a tumultuous two years during which time the band lost its bassist Gyan Singh to illness.

He is survived by Jayashree Singh (voice, stories), Amyt Datta (guitar, synthesizers) and Jivraj Singh (drums, design).
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