08 * palootam



she’s sliding down
into the ground
her world fades to black
she cant hear a sound
she’s slipping fast
into the past
how much longer will
this nightmare last

yaararo yaararo yaararivaro
yaar adithu ni azhithai yaar adithu ni azhithai
paati adithalo palootam kaiyale
athai aditalo amuthootam kaiyale

* who is it that hit you?
who is it that hit you
and made you cry?
did she make you cry?
did your grandmother hit you
with the same hand that feeds you milk?
or did your aunt hit you
with the same hand that feeds you pudding? *

she’s so scared
as she fights for air
his hand like a vice
around her throat
and silent screams
rise within
and she feels like she
will soon explode


terror in her heart
from the very start
yaar adithu ni azhithai
avan adithu ni azhithai
terror in the home
all that she has known
yaar adithu ni azhithai
avan adithu ni azhithai



from The dance of the diaspora, released September 5, 2014
Jayashree * Voice, Stories
Amyt * Guitar, Synth
Gyan * Bass
Jiver * Drums, Design



all rights reserved


PINKNOISE Kolkata, India

PINKNOISE, formed in 2006, is the mischievous late night alter-ego to indie pioneers Skinny Alley.

Their debut studio full length, The Dance Of The Diaspora, was released in 2014 after a tumultuous two years during which time the band lost its bassist Gyan Singh to illness.

He is survived by Jayashree Singh (voice, stories), Amyt Datta (guitar, synthesizers) and Jivraj Singh (drums, design).
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