07 * snowfield



malay methu eriva mallipu konduva
pattam poley paranduva
pambaram poley shuttriva

* come over the mountains
bring a jasmine flower for me
come flying like a kite
come spinning like a top *

i met a man on a train
he told me his story but not his name
he had a dream when he was young
of a snowfield under a blinding sun

and when he woke a strange certainty
had gripped his heart and he could see
there’d come a day when he’d have to leave
and make his way to that snowfield



he pored over maps and read every book
by travelling men who undertook
journeys to cold and northern lands
where snowfields gleamed like diamond sands




from The dance of the diaspora, released September 5, 2014
Jayashree * Voice, Stories
Amyt * Guitar, Synth
Gyan * Bass
Jiver * Drums, Design



all rights reserved


PINKNOISE Kolkata, India

PINKNOISE, formed in 2006, is the mischievous late night alter-ego to indie pioneers Skinny Alley.

Their debut studio full length, The Dance Of The Diaspora, was released in 2014 after a tumultuous two years during which time the band lost its bassist Gyan Singh to illness.

He is survived by Jayashree Singh (voice, stories), Amyt Datta (guitar, synthesizers) and Jivraj Singh (drums, design).
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